Semalt: Is It Wise It to Invest in SEO During Coronavirus Quarantine? Why? 

Table of Contents

  1. Why Invest in SEO During Coronavirus Quarantine?
  2. SEO Techniques During Coronavirus Quarantine
  3. Final Words 
The coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 pandemic has paused the whole world. Whether people, businesses, or governments, coronavirus has affected everyone.

For businesses, there is an immediate need to shift their strategies. The approaches working earlier might not bring results in this trying time or the future.

Moreover, a question is surfacing in the minds of people associated with an online presence - Is it wise to invest in SEO during coronavirus quarantine?

Different experts might respond differently to this question, but the wisest answer would be - Yes, it is fine to invest in SEO during coronavirus quarantine. In fact, it is more important to invest in SEO strategies than before.

Why Invest in SEO During Coronavirus Quarantine?

There are many reasons to prove that investment in SEO would be a wise decision during the COVID-19 pandemic. Semalt experts explain the most essential five reasons:

1. People are more active on the internet

In this pandemic, most people are not only staying at home but also liking the new normal, work from home, culture. It has brought them close to their family members. Children are also at home and attending their classes only through online mode.

This situation has increased the dependence on the internet. According to the numbers from Nielsen, the screen usage time has increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It implies an increase in overall online behavior and content consumption, such as online shopping, streaming, and other online activities.

This change is positive for digital marketers and businesses having an online presence as they now have more data to understand the search behavior and digital needs of users. Here are a few things Digital Marketers can do now:
  • They should do keyword research, especially of long-term keywords, to see how search preferences of people are changing. After this, they should develop effective and efficient strategies.
  • Digital Marketers should position solutions and content in front of people, even if they are not making a purchase or investment in services. Your brand appearing on search results will gain people's attention when they are searching for something on search engines. It also helps in building trust.

2. Your competitors are not sitting quite

This COVID-19 pandemic has affected the usual workflow of many businesses. The declining sales, appointments, and profits have made business owners come up with plans to conquer such situations.

In this coronavirus quarantine, everyone has more time. Most businesses are utilizing this fact and taking steps to enhance their marketing efforts. Once this time passes, business owners may not get ample time to understand and act.

They are turning to reliable web developers and SEO providers to improve their website's design, user experience, increase visibility, boost traffic, and many other things.

It is quite a sad phase for the whole world, but your competitors think otherwise. They are considering it as a golden period for improving their online presence and developing new SEO strategies.

You should also utilize this time for improving your digital marketing efforts and do, at least, the following:
  • Update the core content of your website, write new blogs, and solidify your social media campaigns.
  • Revamp your already existing SEO techniques or work on new ones. Make sure your SEO strategies not only rank your website higher but also help it stay there.

3. When budget shrinks, SEO helps you expand

This pandemic has, no doubt, brought many global economies near to a recession. Businesses are facing a situation where cutting budgets, including the advertising budget, has become a necessity.

Companies might cut their investments in paid advertising techniques, like PPC. It means if a business's website was ranking higher on SERPs because of PPC, it might not get the same results after cutting the advertising budget.

But there is nothing to worry about because SEO is always available to help. It is a widely known fact that paid promotional efforts bring quick but unstable results, whereas results from SEO efforts are stable and lasts long.

There won't be a better time to fulfill your ranking objectives naturally. You can do the following:
  • Optimize your website to get a higher rank in SERPs. Make sure you have enough skills to do it on your own, otherwise hire a reliable Full SEO provider to do the job for you precisely.
  • Try out some new SEO strategies and automatic SEO tools to help you top the search results even during the coronavirus quarantine. 

4. Because people still require products and services

It is true that most businesses are not operating, people are not coming out of houses, and economies are shrinking because of COVID-19. Despite all this, people still require products and services.

You can stop purchasing branded items, but you can't distance yourself from the basic needs. The basic human needs are never going to stop. 

Business owners should keep this in mind and act accordingly. You might not get online orders from buyers in other cities, but who knows your new buyers are residing in your city only.

There is a need for change in strategy. Earlier, you might be paying for targeting a broader audience base, but now you can focus on a smaller group of people. 

A business owner can go for paid promotional methods to aggressively promote his or her website. It doesn't mean ignoring SEO. Remember, SEO brings organic and long-term results.

Being a business owner or digital marketer, you can do the following to gain more visibility and traffic:
  • Make sure you take steps to attract nearby people. For that, focus on local SEO. If your brand appears higher for the keywords ending with "near me" or other relevant words, you'll surely witness higher traffic and increased profit.  
  • You should go for paid promotional methods, like PPC, SMM, and others, because they'll improve your ranking instantly. However, you should continue with SEO efforts so that whenever your PPC or other campaigns end, you should not suffer losses. 

5. Because everything will be normal soon

Dive back into history, and you'll find that no pandemic has survived forever. Soon the world will be free from the fear of coronavirus, and everything will be like it used to be.

Businesses will run smoothly, people won't fear coming out of their houses, and economies will see a turnaround. The stability will be back everywhere.

At that stage, you may not get enough time to improve your SEO efforts. It means this coronavirus quarantine is that golden period when you can take measures to optimize your site and rank higher in SERPs.

The development and implementation of an effective SEO strategy take time. Now you have the time to develop, or get developed, an SEO strategy that will drive successful results year after year. So, you can do the following:
  • Be aggressive in your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts. Many experts also believe that this approach is the silver lining in dark clouds.
  • Get in touch with an experienced and reliable SEO services company and ask them to develop a custom SEO strategy for your brand. Make sure it is robust enough to stand still in difficult times also.

SEO Techniques During Coronavirus Quarantine

Now it is clear that investing in SEO during the COVID-19 pandemic will be a wise decision. Most of you would like to know the SEO techniques beneficial during such situations.

There are many, but below are the top 3 SEO techniques helpful for all businesses during this pandemic. You'll get the best results if experts implement these techniques.
  • Long-form Content
Whether you are revising your old content or developing a new one, make sure it is lengthy and informative. It is because people have a lot of free time these days. 

Instead of just scrolling down or reading the headlines, most people prefer to dive deep into topics. If you are not getting enough traffic, take time to transform or develop long-form content (around 2,000 words).
  • Consistency is the Key
Most people related to the business are aware of this principle because a lot of activities or processes in the industry require consistent updating or maintenance.

The same goes for SEO efforts. When you invest in SEO strategies, remember that you'll get desired results with a consistent and long-time approach.
  • Target Coronavirus or COVID-19 Keywords
There is nothing wrong with targeting keywords like COVID-19 or coronavirus. The proper usage of these keywords will boost the traffic on a website.

When a business uses these keywords, it falls directly into competition with top sites. But it won't matter much if the niche content on a website has long-tail coronavirus or COVID-19 keywords. 

Final Words

COVID-19 pandemic has created problems all over the world. Some websites or online business owners are confused and want to know whether investing in SEO during this coronavirus quarantine is a wise decision or not.

There is nothing wrong with investing in SEO during this time. It is a golden period to do various On-page and Off-page optimizations, such as improving the content, strategic placement of keywords, increasing the site speed, and other things.